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Do You Use Evernote?


“Remember Everything!”

I had heard of Evernote before, but hadn't looked at it until today. My interest was peaked by repeated references to it that I came across on the Internet and from co-workers over the last few days.

Evernote is a free application that enables you to capture text, snapshots, web clips, or audio, and store, categorize, and index this captured content for easy retrieval from computers and mobile devices. This introductory video is a nice teaser for Evernote's capabilities.

Sounds like a great tool to take for a test run and then share my experience here. Are any of you using Evernote? Please comment and tell us a little about it!

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After having received the most views as one of 5 education technology guest posters on Microsoft’s Teacher Tech blog a few weeks ago, I was honored with a guest post on The Official Microsoft Blog. My post, “Education Technology – Changing the Nature of Education, and Building a Bridge to Tomorrow” was published today (Wed., May 19). [Here's my guest post from the Teacher Tech blog, “5 More Internet Technologies Educators Should Be Aware Of“]. My thanks to Microsoft for these great opportunities to share my Ed Tech thoughts and vision!

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  1. Hello this is Ron from Evernote. I came across your post and wanted to drop by and say hello and see if I could answer any questions for you. We have some great resources for people in education. http://www.evernote.com/about/learn_more/education/
    You can find blog posts by teachers, administrators and students who share the ways they’ve put Evernote to use in their classrooms. Hopefully this gets you started. Let me know if you have any additional feedback or specific questions.

  2. I kept seeing references to Evernote everywhere and noticed it is high on Jane Hart’s emerging Top 100 Tools for Learning.

    I thought I would try it – I am so impressed – synchronisation is painless. I have it on three computers and my phone now! I always like to capture any thoughts / ideas and this seems the perfect application for that.

    I also use Diigo – my own preference for saving Bookmarks.

  3. Thanks, Ric, for the thorough feedback on Evernote, sounds like you’re really getting good use from it. I’ve definitely got to give Evernote a trial run. This kind of informed feedback was just was I was hoping for by reaching out to readers – thanks again.

  4. I have been using Evernote for about three years.

    It’s real strength are the back-end services it comes with. Synching is the obvious one. All my notes synched across my work pc (Win XP) my personal MacBook and my iPhone is very useful.

    More importantly though are the indexing and character recognition engines that squirrel away on my content while I am not looking. For example I can use my compact digital camera to snap a white board after a meeting. The WiFI enabled SD card in the camera automatically send the pic to my Evernote account. By the time I am back at desk the image is not only available but has been indexed and any hand writing or text in the picture will be recognised and searchable.

    Evernote is not for “bookmarking’ it is for clippings and files and notes you write yourself. If you don’t waste time setting up a taxonomy of notebooks and trust the tagging and searching it isn’t cumbersome at all. In fact I have found it to be an incredibly useful way to retain and use a large amount of heterogeneous material very efficiently. It’s versatile. I have short text notes of less than 250 words and PDF monographs of over 200 pages in there, along with other file formats.

    I also have an Evernote integration for Outlook and Evernote is where I archive emails.


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