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Ed Tech Tweet Wrap for week of 12-28-09


Happy New Year one and all! Hope everyone is well on this first day of the second decade of the 21st century (or whatever day you might happen to be reading this 🙂! ).

Here's the “best of” from this week's Ed Tech Tweets from EmergingEdTech:

  • Future of Higher Ed report, “How Technology Will Shape Learning”: http://bit.ly/5AVs6M
  • Popular post focused on teachers who don't see value of tech in classroom: http://bit.ly/74sru5
  • Another endorsement of gaming for learning: http://bit.ly/5tAkcl
  • “Braincake”, working to increase girls involvement, awareness of Math, Sci education and careers: http://bit.ly/8zSuGz
  • Not exactly a traditional Ed Tech story, but certainly an inspiring one . Moving Windmills project: http://bit.ly/712hH2
  • Math teacher recognizes need to teach information literacy to today's supposedly ‘net-savvy kids: http://bit.ly/52co5n
  • How To Find Education Technology Grants from “How To Do Things.com”: http://bit.ly/745MRu
  • American Canyon School combines project-based learning & cutting edge tech in ed-biz collaboration: http://bit.ly/4L9Q99

I'm still looking for readers to take this very quick little survey to provide some insight into who you are and what topics would be of most interest in 2010. Responses have been sparse in this slow holiday period, so your input would be especially welcomed! Thanks so much.


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