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What can EmergingEdTech do for you in 2010?


5 simple questions, to learn more about you, and what you'd like to learn more about.

There are so many Internet and instructional technologies available today, and so many ways to use them in education. To help guide my efforts to learn and blog about these technologies in the coming year, I’ve put together this very brief survey to seek input from readers like you! It’s got just 5 little questions (plus the standard “Is there anything else you want to add?” question at the end).

I’d be so appreciative if you could give a couple clicks and let me know what your professional role is (teacher, admin, etc.), what grade levels you work with, what you like about the blog, and what topics you’d like to learn more about.

Thanks so much to everyone for their comments and insights over this last year, and for helping to shape what we do here on EmergingEdTech in the coming year. Happy New Year everyone!




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