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12 Great (and free) Tools for Technology Integration in Education


One of many great resources from “freetech4teachers.com” blogger/teacher Richard Byrne.

I have to confess that I was not aware of “Free Technology For Teachers” until I learned that it won “Best Individual Blog” in this year's Edublog Awards. I immediately went and checked the site out, and (not surprisingly) really liked what I saw. The site is the work of teacher Richard Byrne (congrats to Richard on the well deserved award!).

My mid-week post this week highlights one particular publication featured on freetech4teachers.com. This 6 page report, “Twelve Essentials for Technology Integration“ discusses twelve great free tech resources available to teachers, grouped into 4 categories (“Creating Documents and Presentations”, “Communicating with Students and Parents”, “Places to Create Collaborative Projects”, and “Alternatives to YouTube”). The publication is also delivered in an interesting “carbon neutral” format via Yudu.com.

Give it a click and a quick peek – I'm willing to bet you'll be off to check out some of these tools, as there's probably some unfamiliar resources that will capture your interest. Of course, the freetech4teachers.com site is a great resource too, so stop and check it out as well.

And last but certainly not least … Happy Holidays to everyone, from EmergingEdTech.com!


  1. Nowadays, Kids also like the tech era. They are very smart to catch any new thing. And, so our education system should also update timely with the modernized technological environment. And, this kind of educational steps will surely help the students to build their career in a good way.


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