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The Foundation for Excellence in Education


Are you aware of this organization and it's work?

The Foundation for Excellence in Education was founded by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush in 2007. I was impressed by their work when I learned about them a few months ago after viewing Jeb Bush's interview on Technology in Education (below).

As it states on the About page on the Foundation's website, “What motivates students to exceed expectations? What are the secrets to successful teaching? How do we replicate academic achievement across classrooms, schools and school districts, regardless of their unique challenges? Answering these questions is the mission of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Our programs identify, quantify, reward and foster replication of excellence in education.”

I hope this organization experiences a great deal of success, and inspires more like it.


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  1. The Foundation for Excellence in Education is pushing for Common Core to be a national requirement. Since we are a nation of states, not a centralized government, forcing states to comply with Common Core would be just another step toward a Communist regime. States need to remain free to make their own decisions or we will fail to be United States. States must set their own educational standards. We have too much federal government now and if we keep building a bigger one, it will be to our demise.


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