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Top 10 ‘Language Technology’ Blogs


Education Technology sites, recognized as ‘Language Technology' category winners.

Lexiophiles.com has announced this year's winners in their new “Language Technology” web sites contest category. These sites are  actually great Internet based Education Technology blogs (they are not  focused specifically on language or languages).

No sense in me repeating all of them here, just click on this link to check them out. I did check them all out myself, and following are my favorites from this listing. I thought these sites had particularly appealing designs and quality content:

Of course, all 10 of the sites in the Top 10 list are worth a visit. Stop by and take a look!

[Note: In June, I was delighted and honored to learn that EmergingEdTech.com was nominated in the category of Top 100 Language Technology sites by Lexiophiles.com. The competition wrapped up on July 30, and while EmergingEdTech.com did not place, just being nominated was pretty cool considering that we are still in our infancy here, having been blogging consistently for a little over 4 months at the time we were nominated. I look forward to the challenge of placing in the top 10 some day!]


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