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Learning a language online, for free!


This blog's recent nomination for an award in the “Language Technology” category made me feel compelled to learn a little more about Internet based technologies for learning languages. A little searching and clicking led me to a number of sites that offer language lessons, and there were actually some sites that appeared to provide useful training for free. For this week's mid-week post, here's a few free sites for learning a language that look worthwhile:

www.babelnation.com: Offers free online lessons for learning basic German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portugese.

www.livemocha.com/Learn/hub: This site offers training on almost 30 languages. Registration is required. Premium content is available for a fee.

www.101languages.net: Not as thorough an offering as the above sites, this site offers some translations for commonly used phrases, grouped into about 20 sections, such as Basics, Phrases, Transportation, Eating, etc.

As always, I welcome any feedback any readers might have. Have you used these sites, or others? What kind of experience did you have?



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