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The growing use of Wikis in education


The educators at my place of employment tell me that Wikis are increasingly being used in instructional applications. A quick search at Google for “wikis in education” naturally yields millions (literally) of matches, and a look at some of the top searches quickly provides evidence to support this supposition. Below are a few links that bought up some good sources of insight into, and resources regarding, the use of Wikis in education. If this is a topic that interests you, these links can really help to get you up to speed!

Using Blogs and Wikis in Education

10 Best Practices for using wikis in education

A community for people who are interested in using wikis in education

Wikis in Education page at PBwiki.com

Wikis in Education page at Wetpaint.com

Interview: The State Of Wikis In Education


  1. […] 5. Wikis: El uso de wikis en los centros educativos está creciendo cada día. Sitios como Wetpaint, PBworks y otros permiten a los usuarios crear sitios web con wikis gratis y son una excelente forma para empezar con el uso de las wikis como aplicaciones educativas. (Más información sobre el uso de wikis en la educación). […]


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