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Ed Tech Tweet Wrap for the week of 11-23-09


This week's wrap features 7 new articles and resources focused on the use of technology in the world of education: 

  • Instructor uses Skype to bring expert/lecturer ‘into classroom': http://bit.ly/5HGzca
  • Blog post provides links to a bunch of free apps for education: http://bit.ly/58fprQ
  • Report available for download from UK Gov't agency: Impact of Dig Tech on Ed: http://bit.ly/5NBzks
  • The Kahn Academy & GeoGebra among Ed Tech efforts recognized for Tech Awards: http://bit.ly/6mdiwg
  • Review of book that provides 54 practical ways to use ‘Net in teaching of Foreign Languages: http://bit.ly/6RlK16
  • Here's some unique & useful “Ed Tech”, a blog on public education budget for Somerset Cty: http://bit.ly/4xuVEu
  • CARDET report suggests classroom Internet usage is low (I think the usage #s cited are okay) http://bit.ly/7hCf9e 

Anyway, those are my Twitter Posts from this last week that I felt warranted inclusion in this weekly summary. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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