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Tech and Teaching Recap from Across the Web, w/e 09-15-18


Informative, inspiring, or just plain interesting education and digital technology content posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers.

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This week in the wrap … a particularly rich and varied set of content exploring what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, and things we need to pay more attention to. Home schooling is growing by 8% a year (according to The Learning Counsel), a thought-provoking video lays bare hard truths about our K-12 education system, a teacher shares the kind of thinking that I wish was far more prevelant when it comes to giving students opportunities to relearn what they struggle with, the FBI warns schools to be more vigilant with the data they collect, Penn State goes beyond digital literacy to explore and promote Digital Fluency…and so much more to explore!  

3.78 million children are being “unschooled” or “homeschooled” – 7% of the U.S. Population of K-12-Aged Children … it’s the unlooked-for biggest movement, growing year-over-year by 8%

“I've been a big believer…in giving kids the opportunity to learn or relearn material they have struggled with. To improve their understanding and…improve their score…I am a big believer in hope.”

This may be hard for teachers to watch, but they certainly should. Disturbing and eye opening. Bought a tear to my eye several times. I've seen my own kids face these challenges. Thanks Jackie! RT @jackiegerstein: Good stuff

FBI warning: EDUCATION TECHNOLOGIES: DATA COLLECTION AND UNSECURED SYSTEMS COULD POSE RISKS TO STUDENTS. Note the specific 2017 incidents cited in the “Sensitive Student Data”. Schools need to pay attention.

Put this together 4 years ago and it is still spot-on: Technology Integration Secrets of Award Winning Teachers

RT @mcleod: If they come to us in kindergarten as curious, inquisitive learners and they leave us in 12th grade (or sooner) as disinterested, apathetic learners, is that their fault or ours?

❤ this! Digital Fluency: Preparing Students to Create Big, Bold Problems

How AI will shape the university of the future

Students are driving textbook prices down and OER forward

Not a big fan of regulation, but I think this is a step in the right direction (at least it speaks to increased consumer and gov't awareness): Hey, Alexa: California Just Passed Internet of Things Bills

10 Ways To Use Screencasting For Formative Assessment

Glad to read that “Nearly three-fourths of teens believe tech companies manipulate them to get them to spend more time on their devices and platforms,” per new study

Interesting: Scientists make a touch tablet that rolls and scrolls




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