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Digital Technology and Academics Recap from Across the Web, w/e 09-29-18


Informative, inspiring, or just plain interesting education and digital technology content from across the web, posted on Twitter over the past week and collected here to share with our blog readers.

EmergingEdTech Teaching Technology Tweet Wrap

This week in the wrap … it was a bit of a slow week for sharing content for me as I started teaching a new class at night and had a lot of unexpected challenges thrown at me in my full time role as CIO, nevertheless we've got some great pieces exploring education and technology from many angles! Explore how schools are facilitating personalized learning using Competency Based Learning. How about no more snow days (do you see that as good or bad)? Check out a great resource explaining storyboarding – creative teachers can put this use as well students creating film projects. More schools are combining makerspaces and teaching coding. 

Use Personalized Learning & Competency Based Education to Boost Classroom Equity – how #edtech can even the playing field for students

Washoe County School District Replacing Snow Days With Digital Learning Days

The school using tech over TAs – if you ask the UK's Department for Education which schools are doing EdTech well, Shireland Collegiate Academy is their go-to answer:

+Datascience Wants To Put The Power Of Machine Learning In Everyone’s Hands

How Makerspaces in Schools Help Students Learn to Code

Next generation of medical professionals underprepared for machine learning and AI, say researchers 

Students creating short films for projects? Have them learn about Storyboarding to get started! “Storyboards for the beginner” (thanks to @rmbyrne for sharing)

Responding to heavy demand, ISTE expands technology training program for teachers

AR/VR: How Immersive Learning Technology Is Bringing Education and Training Into the Future 

A snapshot of K-12 Competency Based Education Policy Across the US 



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