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New features and functions at EmergingEdTech.com


In the last few weeks, I've added a couple nice new features to this website, and I'd like to share them with my readers.

Multisite Ed Tech Search: This brand new feature is a custom multi-site Education Technology Search Engine. This tool provides a search across a half dozen popular Education Technology websites, including those from Educause, Campus Technology, Classroom 2.0, (and EmergingEdTech of course 🙂 ). This results in a focused search without the overload of the millions of matches returned from a standard Google search or other search engine. I will probably expand on the sites being searched via this tool over time, as I come across other high quality sites that make sense to add to it.  This tool is also accessible via the navigation menu at the top of this site, as well as in the sidebar.

Article PDFs: Another recently added feature here is the publication of PDF file versions of several popular posts (or series of posts), which provides an uncluttered copy of each of these articles, for printing or electronic distribution. I will be expanding on the number of articles available in this format. These PDF file copies are located at the “Article PDFs” page (also accessible via the navigation menu above).

I hope you find these new features useful. As always, feel free to offer any comments about these tools – I love to hear your feedback and ideas. Thanks!



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