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engaging students with education technology

10 of the Most Engaging Uses of Instructional Technology (with Dozens of Resources and Tools)

September 7, 2014

Start the New School Year With More Fun, Engaging Techniques and Resources Than You’ll Probably be Able to use all Year! Are you looking for ways to integration technology in your lesson plans and courses that provide for an engaging experience for you and your students? Fans of instructional technology know that it can be […]

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Great Ed Tech Story: K-5 Summer Tech camp changes lives for low SES students

April 4, 2010

4 week Technology Camp has a great impact on students who had no previous computer access. The Challenge Dallas McPheeters was asked to prepare a Summer Technology camp for 430 students in an elementary school near the US/Mexico border. All the school had to offer to facilitate this was a set of eight year old PCs […]

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And the winners are …

March 21, 2010

Announcing the winners of the “Great Use of Ed Tech” story contest! It’s my great pleasure to share some of the wonderful stories that were submitted to the contest I’ve been running for several weeks here, and to announce the winning entries. With plenty of great stories about engaging, impactful uses of Education Technology in the […]

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Education Technology – Don’t Lean On It, Leverage It!

September 7, 2009

Are you using Internet tools to engage students in the classroom and improve learning outcomes, or are you just using technology to decrease the time you need to spend lecturing and interacting with your students?

There are many great internet based tools available to bring new elements of collaboration, interaction, and even a little fun to the instructional process and thereby better engage and motivate your students and enhance learning outcomes. Of course, it is also entirely possible to use technology as a crutch or a “baby sitter”, but this is a rather unfortunate use of these tools and can give education technology a bad name.

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