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Project Based Learning

February App Ed Review Roundup – Cool Map Websites

February 7, 2017

Image Source Fun Learning With Map Apps! Cartography is an old word that refers to the creation and study of maps. Given that maps have gone digital (like almost everything else), we wanted to give you a cartography update in this edition of the Roundup! Specifically, we wanted to show you diverse maps for teaching […]

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5 Educational Robots You Can Use in Your STEM Classroom

November 29, 2016

Image Source The Expanding Variety of Small Robot Kits for Educational Purposes is Ripe With Fun Possibilities for the Classroom One of the most innovative technological concepts currently available is the idea of using robots for teaching children. Robotics is a fascinating field that can benefit students from elementary school all the way up to […]

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8 Techniques and Tools for Creating Lessons That Actively Engage Students

November 1, 2016

A Fresh Look at Ideas and Tools to Create Lessons & Assignments That Don’t Bore Students A couple years ago, I wrote the article 8 Engaging Ways to use Technology in the Classroom to Create Lessons That Aren’t Boring. This article offers dozens of powerful free tech tools, and ideas for using them to create […]

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5 Step Blueprint for Designing Great Social Studies Projects

October 6, 2016

This Example can Serve as a Template for Projects of Many Types Project Based Learning (PBL) has become a major pedagogical focus today, and well it should. The idea behind PBL is that students will gain far greater comprehension and their learning will be far more meaningful if it is inquiry-based and results in an […]

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Have you Used Arduino or Raspberry Pi in Your Classroom?

August 15, 2016

These Low Cost Easily Programmable Circuit Boards can be Used for Projects in Many Academic Subject Areas I’m looking to share stories about teacher and student uses of these relatively inexpensive gadgets in their classrooms. For those not familiar with these, the device pictured above is an Arduino programmable circuit board. The one pictured below is […]

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LifeLiqe App: Amazing Hi-Res Visual Models for STEM Subjects

August 2, 2016

Bringing Learning to Life with Interactive Visual Models This weekend I took at look at the LifeLiqe app. LifeLiqe is an app for iOS or Windows that provides over 1,000 content models for K-12 STEM subjects. These models come in various forms. Many are interactive (such as the Lion Fish image in the video below). […]

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The Power of Social Media as a Design Thinking Add-on

July 14, 2016

Social Media can Play Numerous Meaningful Roles in the “Design Thinking” Classroom Many educators believe that their primary purpose isn’t necessarily to teach their students facts and figures, but to teach them how to think and solve problems. As part of the process of “learning to think,” the concept of design thinking has been gaining traction […]

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Zeducation! A New Way to Get Kids Excited About Science, Museums, & Learning

May 26, 2016

“We now know that kids today learn differently than we did, and it’s because of a fundamental difference in the their lives compared to ours at their age … “ When I was young it was easy to get excited about science. Neil Armstrong had just become the first person to walk on the moon, we […]

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Bringing Project Based Learning to Life in the Social Studies Classroom

May 12, 2016

(Image Source) Project Based Learning can Enhance Learning in any Subject – Here we Check out an Approach for Social Studies Most adults today, even many educators, were never exposed to project-based learning during their own schooling years. And so, it can be a bit hard to grasp the concept and to understand its benefits. […]

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Mastery Learning and Grading: Changing our Approach to Outcomes and Grades

April 19, 2016

Imagine if Education Worked This Way in Most Schools … Back in 2011, I had been blogging about education for a couple of years and found myself thinking that while lots of tech tools showed promise as engaging constructs, and offered something new and exciting, I wasn’t sure that they could really change learning. Then I […]

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