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Tech Tools: Decoding the Lack of Parent Engagement with FreshGrade

September 29, 2016

Achieving Better Communication and Collaboration in Class and at Home Technological innovation, as applied to the creation of lucrative new business models and even the birth of entire industries, has delivered countless products and services that continue to solve consumer challenges. But when you examine the realm of education, it becomes clear that the fast-paced […]

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Making the Most of TeacherWeb for Classroom Use

August 27, 2013

This template-driven web tool for teachers provides rich functionality for a very low price. TeacherWeb is a company that provides “template websites” for teachers to use in the classroom, which parents and students can also access at home. While the company provides a collection of pre-defined — and highly usable — webpage formats and layouts […]

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ThinkWave – Bringing Key Elements of Administrative and Instructional Technologies Together to Facilitate Teaching

November 14, 2012

Combining elements of the SIS, the LMS/CMS, and a Portal, to create something uniquely powerful. Recently, ThinkWave co-founder John Poluektov reached out to me to introduce this application to me. On first glance, ThinkWave struck me as being purely an administrative technology, and not really an instructional one. John took the time to provide informative […]

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5 Internet Technologies That School Administrators Need To Know About

November 14, 2010

These technologies can enable educators to improve communications, enhance student learning, controls costs, manage Internet access in the classroom, and more. There are many systems and tools available in today’s marketplace that can help administrators and faculty to succeed with some of the many things they need to do in their roles. Some of the technologies I’ve listed […]

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Seeking Feedback on Parent Portals

October 6, 2010

Is anyone using a Parent Portal at their children’s school(s)? Please tell us a little about it. On Sunday, I published this post about Parent Portals. This post considered portals from somewhat of a technical perspective, discussing features and looking at the web sites of some applications that provide this kind of functionality. But I am […]

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SchoolTool and other Parent Portals in K-12 Education

October 3, 2010

Parent Portals are gradually becoming an invaluable part of the K-12 education application environment. I’ve just had my first hands-on introduction to Parent Portals. I live in the Wappingers Falls school district in New York state, and they’ve just launched the SchoolTool parent portal. I love this idea and I’m delighted to see it taking root here. In today’s feature […]

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Connecting A Million Minds (to after-school STEM programs)

February 17, 2010

A great idea bought to us through Time Warner’s philanthropic commitment to inspire students to pursue opportunities in science, technology, engineering, & math. I just recently came across this site,, and think it is a great idea, and a great resource to be aware of.   According to the National Science Foundation, 80 percent of jobs created […]

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Portal applications for education, part 2 of 2

August 30, 2009

This week we complete a 2 part overview of two specific portal applications for education Last week we reviewed the Timecruiser suite (exclusive to Higher Ed), with its Campus Cruiser portal and integrated applications like the Course Cruiser LMS and Cruiser Alert, delivered under a Software-as-a-Service model. This week we take a look at myCampus and other apps available through the Campus […]

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Portal Applications for Higher Education

August 24, 2009

This week and next I will be discussing two distinct approaches to implementing portal applications in a higher education environment. I am going to divert from the type of tools and resources I typically post about (free or low cost web based resources and apps for educators and the instructional process) to take a look a […]

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