Picture and Image Editing

So Many Fun Ways To Use Blabberize In The Classroom

August 4, 2014

Give any Image a Talking Mouth and Make it an Engaging Learning Opportunity! There are quite a few web 2.0 tools that provide easy and exciting ways to integrate technology in the classroom. One of them is Blabberize, a free online tool that allows you to quickly create talking images, providing some great opportunities to […]

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Student Created Content is an Exciting and Inspiring Learning Tool that Teaches Many Skills

November 19, 2013

The Possibilities for Student Created Content to Play a Powerful Role in Education have Never Been Greater This last Friday and Saturday at the Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference, I had the distinct pleasure of watching students at different grade levels present multiple types of media that they created. It was one of […]

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How Cool is Google Image Search? You Can Even Use a Picture as a Search Parameter!

March 4, 2012

Google Image Search is a pretty fascinating tool with plenty of possibilities for teaching-related uses. One day last year my son told me that he had learned who painted a picture we have hanging in our home (it had no readily discernible signature) by taking a picture of it and doing a search for it […]

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Tutorial – 5 Fun Free Photo And Image Editing Applications For The Classroom

February 6, 2011

An introduction to the ins and outs of 5 free online image editing application, and some suggestions for using them in the classroom. Last year I wrote this short series of articles in which I looked at a slew of free image editing tools found on the Web, and ultimately boiled these down to a set of 5 […]

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More fun, free online photo and image editing tools

October 17, 2010

Building on last week’s review of free image editing applications with a look at 5 more of these types of tools. Last week we looked at 5 free online picture and image editing tools that I had seen mentioned in this Campus Technology article. A few readers responded to this post and mentioned some other tools they liked. […]

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Picasa – Google’s free picture and image editing and management tool

October 13, 2010

Following up on Sunday’s post about free image and picture editing tools … My feature post this week examined 5 free picture and image editing tools that I had read about in this article in Campus Technology magazine this month. One of them was Picasa from Google, and unlike the other applications which were purely […]

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A closer look at 5 free picture and image editing tools

October 10, 2010

A closer look at 5 photo editing tools mentioned in this month’s Campus Technology article, “The Super-Secret, Never-Before-Revealed Guide to Web 2.0 in the Classroom“. I read this article this week, and there is a section in it entitled “4 Itty-Bitty Content Tools“, which in turn has a subsection titled “Become An Image Editor”. They […]

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