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MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)

Sharing Best Practices in Professional Development for Successful Online Teachers

May 15, 2014

Teachers Need  Appropriate Professional Development as They Embrace the use of Online and Hybrid Learning. Just as in traditional classes, good online courses require good teachers, but they need to be specifically trained to be the best possible online teachers that they can be. Teaching online shares many similarities and skills with traditional classroom instruction […]

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Massive Open Online Research: The MOOC Evolves into the MOOR

January 8, 2014

By Adding a Strong Research Element, MOOCs can Deliver Greater Learning Value to the Students who Participate in Them. Anyone who follows education technology has probably heard plenty about the MOOC — a massive open online course often hosted by a well known university that is available to anyone with an Internet connection, usually at […]

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For-Credit MOOCs a Growing Trend

June 25, 2013

Is the day coming when MOOCs will be widely accepted for credit? Some have hailed MOOCs — massive open online courses – as the next great wave in education and important to the future of higher learning. Leveraging the technology of distance learning, MOOCs have opened the doors of higher education to many who otherwise […]

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CA Bill Mandates Credit for Online MOOC-style Courses to Fill Gaps in Availability

June 9, 2013

Bill could be another big step forward for the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) model. The state of California has recently approved a bill (SB 520) that mandates statewide open online courses be approved for college and high school credit. By requiring that these courses be open to all students who require them and cannot […]

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MOOC2Degree Initiative Raises the For-Credit Profile of MOOCs

January 30, 2013

New Program Brings an Innovative Twist to the World of MOOCs. Last week, Academic Partnerships introduced the MOOC2Degree program. Through this innovative effort, some of the public universities that Academic Partnerships works with are going to offer an initial course in a degree program as a free MOOC. Students who complete the course successfully will […]

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Learning About the Use of Media Servers in Education

January 20, 2013

What is a Media Server and how are schools using them? From time to time I come across the mention of “media servers” and find myself wanting to better understand this technology and how it being used in meeting the needs of educational institutions. This weekend I decided to do some investigating. Here I share […]

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Four Infographics About 2012’s Top Trending Education Technology Topic – MOOCs

December 19, 2012

MOOCs have really taken off this year, with exploding offerings, millions of enrollments, and lots of media coverage. Regular EmergingEdTech readers know that MOOCs have been a very hot topic throughout 2012, and the momentum keeps building. A key development in the latter half of the year has been increased effort by many colleges to […]

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Longwood University Combines Gaming and MOOC Technology to Offer Free Career Readiness Education to High School Students Everywhere

November 18, 2012

Badgestack and Longwood U combine forces to offer students a head start on what they need to know to succeed in today’s work force. Can it get much more innovative and community-focused than this? Longwood University in Virginia has worked with one-of-a-kind learning platform creator BadgeStack to offer a MOOC designed to help High School […]

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My MOOC Journal: Coursera Operations Management Course – Weeks 2 through 4

October 31, 2012

This course is a lot of work – it’s challenging and robust, and I’m learning a lot. This isn’t my first online course, I’ve taken one before – it was a lot of work, and I learned a good deal. But this is my first MOOC, and I wondered if a course delivered to tens […]

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My MOOC experience – Coursera Course Journal Week 1

October 3, 2012

Observations about my experience in a free Coursera MOOC. So What’s a MOOC? First, for anyone who might not yet be aware of it – a “MOOC” is a Massive Open Online Course. With all the attention these have been getting lately, a few of us at The College of Westchester are taking some of […]

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