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_ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics

The Skills Students Need to Write are Changing in this Web-Influenced World

October 24, 2016

7 Important Ways That the Web Has Changed Writing Skill Requirements Do a bit of research on the impact that the Web has had on writing, and you will find plenty of articles moaning about millennials and their use of ‘text speak’. It’s a shame that the conversation on this topic has been so rather […]

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A Lesson in Assessing Web Content Validity

October 20, 2016

A Lesson Using Kathy Schrock’s “5 W’s” to Evaluating Web Site Content I teach an introductory level technology course at The College of Westchester, focused on emerging information technologies and how these are impacting the workplace, society, and world around us. One of the vital topics we cover is how to assess the validity of […]

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7 Key Considerations When Making the Move to a 1:1 Device Program

October 19, 2016

Making the Leap to 1:1 a Success Takes Proper Planning Initiatives to place tech devices in the hands of each student are by no means a new practice in K-12 districts. Although classrooms have been transitioning to 1:1 for quite some time now, school leaders still struggle with the decisions that need to be made […]

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4 Highly Rated Rubric-Assessed Web Apps to Kick Up Your Classroom & Lessons

October 13, 2016

Better Video Lessons, Curriculum Management, Classroom Management, and Review with These Awesome Free Web Apps With the school year in full swing and students settling into their routines, October is the perfect time to tryout some new instructional technologies for the classroom. With teachers in mind, we here at App Ed Review have searched our […]

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Story Wars — Prompted, Interactive Web App Makes Student Writing Fun

October 10, 2016

Students Enjoy Writing With a Collaborative Platform That Gives Them Choice Earlier this year, Story Wars was selected as one of the “Chosen” apps on the Chrome Web Store by Google. I want to share what we are doing and how this is relevant for teachers (especially language teachers). Chosen app on the Chrome Web Store […]

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5 Brilliant Insights About Education From John Dewey

September 28, 2016

Education has yet to Catch up to the Wisdom Dewey Offered Long ago Generally, society’s thinking about different topics will advance incrementally, as various individuals make their contributions to the foundation of our understanding. From time to time however, one individual will have a significant impact on an important aspect of society, pushing it forward by […]

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Flipping the Teacher-Administrator Relationship

September 22, 2016

How two educators flipped a training session and, in doing so, flipped a paradigm. My flipping friend David Walsh (no relation) posted this piece on his web site,, earlier this week and we agreed it was such a good story it deserved to be shared with you! Thanks David and Brian for sharing your […]

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8 Ways That Blogging Enhances the Brand of the Educator

September 19, 2016

(Image Source) We are all our own Distinct Brand, Aren’t we? Take Pride in it! Teachers are often master marketers. They need to know how to market content to a classroom of students who might not be too interested, and they also need to know how to market themselves. Teaching is an extremely competitive profession, […]

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8 Important Features of a Top Quality Plagiarism Checker

September 15, 2016

(Image Source) The Essence of Plagiarism Checkers: Similar or Different? Plagiarism detection may not be a fun, ‘sexy’ edtech topic, but it is a reality we have to live with these days. I invited the folks from to share their thoughts on the features that can make for a top quality plagiarism detection tool. […]

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Explore the World With Live EarthCams from Across the Globe

September 13, 2016

View Live Cameras All Across the Planet (for free) Last year I had the good fortune to take a vacation in Ireland and Italy with my family (that’s a picture of the Forum in Rome above … it was seriously mind blowing to look out over the of stunning view of history from the vantage point that […]

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