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_ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics

8 Inspiring Quotes for Students and Teachers from Foo Fighter’s Dave Grohl

February 3, 2015

Sometimes Those of us Struggling With Teaching and Learning (and Technology) Need a Little Inspiration! I always find February here in New York to be a particularly cold, rough month, and I know plenty of other folks facing winter in the northern hemisphere are probably experience the same feelings. We can use all the motivation […]

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Integrating Technology is Like Asking Everyone to Join a Football Team! Seriously. Here’s How.

February 1, 2015

San Domenic0 School Tech Director Lead Kali Baird brings a unique but spot-on perspective to the challenges of coaching teachers through technology integration. One day, I posted this Tweet: In my mind, this 136 character blurb was clearly an epiphany! Well, maybe it was to me, but perhaps I need to expand on what I […]

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Take a Live Virtual Field Trip to Africa With Your Students on Thursday Feb 5!

January 27, 2015

The Nature Conservancy and PBS LearningMedia Team to Offer This Fun Live Experience for Grades 3 to 8 How would you like your students to experience the wilds of Africa through a live video cast? This event will be broadcast over YouTube and Google Hangouts, and will introduce students to the continent of Africa and […]

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How Technology can Create a Reading Transformation

January 22, 2015

It may not be Happening Overnight, but it is Happening Some people still love paper books. Starting from infancy all the way through adulthood, book reading has had a fundamental role in people’s daily existence. Excellent books expand horizons and stimulate imagination; they enable us to think differently and they let us evade and create […]

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10 Inspirational Quotes for Teachers from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 18, 2015

The Revered Leader and Orator Said Many Things That can Inspire Educators Everywhere I’ve always found motivation and inspiration in the words and deeds of great men and women, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is certainly in the upper echelon of modern history’s most lauded and oft-quoted figures. This celebrated man is an inspiration […]

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Free Personal Finance Budget Challenge Pays Students to Learn!

December 30, 2014

H&R Block is Awarding Students $3 Million in Prizes, to Support Learning About Budgeting & Personal Finance How would you like your students to have the opportunity to earn a $20,000 Scholarship Award? There are 132 of those up for grabs, along with a Grand Prize $100,000 award! There are also $2,500 and $5,000 Classroom […]

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It’s Christmas Time! Happy Holidays from EmergingEdTech!

December 25, 2014

Wishing all our readers and educators everywhere a wonderful Christmas and joyous holiday, the world over. No matter what holidays you partake in, my family and I want to wish everyone a healthy happy celebration. I wrote about many of my favorite parts of the holiday in this original Christmas song. My wife joins me […]

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4 Sites that Rate Education and Instructional Technology Products and Services

December 21, 2014

These Sites Offer a Variety of Approaches and Depth in Their Education Technology Resource Reviews Who doesn’t appreciate online reviews as a potential source of useful feedback about products and services they are considering buying? Even better, some online resources specialize in in-depth reviews of certain products. Consumer Reports is a great example – they’ve […]

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Teaching Students How to Take Notes – Moving From Mechanical to Effective

December 18, 2014

Improving Note Taking Techniques (With Some Resources and Tools to Help) Effective note taking can make a genuine difference in student learning. Teaching your students to use good essential strategies and adapt them to their learning style is a must. As a new lesson starts, students are faced with three main challenges. One: active listening […]

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5 Web Based Non-Profits For Classroom Teacher Donations and Gifts

December 9, 2014

Have Something to Donate to a Teacher? Need Something Donated for Your Classroom? Check These Sites out! With the giving time of the year upon us, this is a great time to share these sites that teachers across the world are increasingly using to ask for and receive donations to equip their classrooms! Sites and […]

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