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_ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics

Mastery Learning and Grading: Changing our Approach to Outcomes and Grades

April 19, 2016

Imagine if Education Worked This Way in Most Schools … Back in 2011, I had been blogging about education for a couple of years and found myself thinking that while lots of tech tools showed promise as engaging constructs, and offered something new and exciting, I wasn’t sure that they could really change learning. Then I […]

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Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Students’ Interest in a Subject

April 18, 2016

(Image Source) Look for Ways to Make it Relevant and Fun – You and Your Students Will Come out Ahead I’m always up for a reminder about the things we need to do capture student’s attention while learning about a new subject. And it’s a great way to start the week! – KW Making your […]

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Square Peg, Round Hole: The Puzzling Pasteurization of Public Schools in America

April 4, 2016

Standardized Testing Runs Contrary to the Educational Goal of Differentiation (and Much More) When you go to a government school, you expect a great education. But, what you typically get is a mix of good and bad. And, with standardized testing, the bad can outweigh the good. That’s because standardized testing doesn’t take into account […]

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Remote Desktop Connection – Access Your Desktop from Other Computers at Your School

March 24, 2016

Access Your Computer from Other Computers? Once it’s set up, it’s a Breeze! Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection tool is a powerful, simple application that can make your life much easier if you have to work, or teach, on a computer that isn’t yours. A classic case is the higher ed professor, where you may go […]

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Technology Resources to Help Foster a Growth Mindset in Your Teachers and Students

March 17, 2016

“Growth Mindset” is Much More Than Just Another Buzz Word Your may have noticed the growing focus (pun intended!) on the power of the “growth mindset” in education in the last few years. Some have worked to debunk it, but a balanced perspective tells us that this is not to be ignored. Students tend to do […]

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An Open Request to all Fellow Techs: Let’s Remember to Keep it Simple

March 14, 2016

(Image Source) Keep It Simple (and Short) and You, Your Users, and Your Colleagues Will all be Happier Customers If you are part of the IT support staff for a school or for any other type of organization, no matter what your role is in the personnel structure, you’re still doing some kind of support … […]

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Understanding the Complexities of Fair Use, Creatively and In the Classroom

March 7, 2016

(Image Source) What is Fair Use? What Isn’t? Read on. Dawn Thomsen from the Lamp reached out recently to share some resources that can help teachers and students understand Fair Use. We were just discussing this in the Emerging Information Technology course I teach at The College of Westchester, so it really struck a chord. […]

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4K Video is Going to be Amazing! 7 Examples to Check Out Now

February 29, 2016

(Image Source) The Next Big Enhancement in What we are Watching on the Web and on Our TVs is 4K Video, and it’s Pretty Sweet 4K Video “refers to a horizontal resolution of approximately 4,000 pixel”. The television standard for 4K is also referred to as Ultra Hi Def. It comes in a few flavors […]

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Back To The Basics: 6 Strategies For Online Program Success

February 25, 2016

While this a bit of a change from the usual tools and techniques we often share here, online education is such a prominent and long established use of technology for instructional purposes, it deserves more coverage. With the various hats I wear in my role at The College of Westchester, helping to navigate today’s quickly changing […]

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Exploring How Technology Caters to Your Students’ 8 “Multiple Intelligences”

February 24, 2016

(Image Source) Instructional Uses of Technology and Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory Work Hand-in-Hand Recent educational and psychological research studies have shown that the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to education is ineffective at best, and often detrimental to the learning process. When considering differences in how each student learns, teachers may reflect on the multiple intelligences theory developed […]

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