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_ Miscellaneous Tools and Topics

Eliminating Tests Through Continual Assessment

January 21, 2016

We’re at an inflection point with our approach to testing and measurement … “Common Core was such a good idea,” remarked a middle school administrator I recently spoke with. “But then the testing ruined it.” My colleagues and I at Edulastic hear this all the time, as we continue to provide teachers, administrators, and school […]

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A Quality Free Tool for ESL and EFL Placement Testing

January 14, 2016

Online ESL Teaching Aid Offers Thoughtfully Designed Placement Test My name is Kris Jagasia and I’m a co-founder of Off2Class (an ESL tool for teachers). Recently we released a Free ESL Placement Test that could be of interest to many ESL teachers struggling to find the right curriculum to teach their students. Like many ESL […]

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27 Meaningful Ways to Use EdTech & Make Your Classes Extra Awesome This Year!

January 5, 2016

A Cavalcade of Inspiring Ideas for Kicking up Learning and Enhancing Engagement in Your Classroom! There are enough ideas, resources, and mostly free tools here to keep you exploring and learning all year long. Have at it! 1. Get Your Students Creating  There is just no limit to the way that students can use the […]

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The Most Popular Education & Technology Content of 2015 (Thanks Buzzsumo!)

December 30, 2015

A Little Year End Fun, and a Powerful Tool to Gauge Interest and Find Popular Content When I want to know what the buzz is on the Internet about a certain topic or phrase, I often head over to All you need to do is enter the word or phrase, hit ‘Enter’, and peruse the […]

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THANK YOU for Our Best Year Yet, Exploring and Sharing Education and Instructional Technology!

December 29, 2015

2015 Was Awesome and 2016 is Sure to Bring Even More Great Content and Inspiring, Fun Learning! 2015 has been a wonderful year for EmergingEdTech, and a great year for evolving instructional uses of technology. More than ever, educators have left behind the question of WHY to use technology to enhance learning outcomes to focus on […]

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Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative May be Biting Off More Than It Can Chew

December 22, 2015

The Intent is Admirable, but How Achievable is it? I remember a friend saying he thought No Child Left Behind was a good thing simply because it was being said – the statement itself, coming from the Executive Office of The White House was a good thing. And in some ways it was. But it […]

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Minneapolis College Breaks Down Barriers to Learning to Help Students With Great Potential

December 17, 2015

Students With Learning Disabilities Can Thrive With a Little Help and the Right Technology “What do Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Thomas Edison and approximately 20 percent of students have in common?”, asks Adrian Hirsch, writing for the School News Network. They all needed to develop different approaches towards learning, and in some cases, this can […]

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Newsela PRO – an Individualized, Adaptive Reading Comprehension Platform

December 16, 2015

This Powerful Reading Comprehension Skills Development System is Aligned to Common Core and NGSS Standards Yesterday, we got a good look at Newsela, with a focus on the many things teachers and students can do with the free edition of the tool. Today, we take a deeper look, exploring functionality that is specific to the […]

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Schools Embrace Gesture Based Learning with Interactive Play Platform from MotionMagix™

December 10, 2015

Talk About “Active Learning”! When Will Interactive Wall & Floor Systems Become More Common in our Schools? Ed Note: I welcomed this post from Anup Tapadia … I think these types of interactive systems have so much potential in education, but I see very little about these in the education or technology press and social […]

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Angela Maiers’ Fresh Look at 21st Century Learning: Classroom Habitudes

December 8, 2015

21st Century Skills Must Include the Right Habits and Attitudes We’ve all been hearing about the importance of 21st century skills for well over a decade now. But many of us struggle to understand what these really mean and how to integrate them into our lessons and classrooms. Common definitions include reference to skills like […]

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