iPads and Other Tablet Devices

Augmented Reality – The Coolest Instructional Technology You Haven’t Heard of?

April 15, 2014

AR Tools are Being Used Today by Creative Educators in Fun, Innovative Ways, but few Know About it (yet). Educators are always looking for new ways to enhance learning and expand the horizons of students in an engaging and interactive way. Gone are the days when class plans were based around exercises from a text […]

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Call for Proposals for Teaching & Learning with the iPad Conference

April 10, 2014

The Premier Teaching With the iPad Conference is Accepting Presentation Proposals Through June 30th Are you an iPad-empowered teacher? Are you excited about the ability the iPad has to engage students and ultimately play a role in improving learning outcomes? Come and share your experience and your passion with us at the Teaching and Learning […]

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The APP ED REVIEW Roundup for April – 4 Highly Rated iPad Apps for the Science Classroom

April 3, 2014

Please welcome App Ed Review to EmergingEdTech, with a new Monthly Series of themed App Roundups! Have you ever wished you could find a source of app reviews specific to education, reviewed in a consistent, highly informative manner. Well now you can! This is the first in a series of monthly posts by App Ed […]

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Vocabulary Learning Goes Mobile with Teacher Recommended Smartphone Apps

March 4, 2014

Teaching and Learning can be More Productive With the Aid of Today’s Smartphone Empowered Education Applications. Vocabulary building is perhaps the single-most essential aspect of language learning. Conventional ways of language teaching and learning have usually relied on classroom teaching and textbook lessons. Video coaching and e-learning were later thrown into the mix. Education websites […]

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7 Potential Issues to be Prepared for When Bringing Tablets into the Classroom

February 13, 2014

Being Aware of These Possible Problems Will Help Position Tablet Programs in your Classroom and School for Success. The use of tablets in today’s classrooms has opened a world of possibilities for students and teachers. However, tablets can also present some challenges, especially if you don’t do your due diligence and get smart and prepared […]

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100+ Teaching With the iPad Hacks: A Curated Playlist of Quick Start Resources

February 9, 2014

The Resources in This Playlist Contain Hundreds of Tips, Insights, and Suggestions for Getting up to Speed and off to a Good Start Teaching With the iPad. A publisher recently asked me if I knew of a good iPad “Quick Start” Guide for teachers just getting started with using the iPad in the classroom. I […]

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New Generation of Apps Make Reading Assignments More Productive and Enjoyable for Students and Teachers

February 6, 2014

These Reading Apps for Smartphones and Tablets are Ushering in big Changes in how we Read. The modern reading landscape stretches beyond the limits of an actual book made of paper. We’re surrounded by technological advances that can change the way reading occurs in our daily lives. Online reading, virtual classrooms, apps to keep us […]

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Digital Learning Day Professional Development – 12 Webinars (all Freebies!)

February 4, 2014

Wednesday, February 5th is “Digital Learning Day”. Celebrate with a Free Webinar! With the 3rd Annual Digital Learning Day upon us, its a great opportunity for educators to avail themselves of the free professional development opportunities available on this day that nationally recognizes the importance of digital learning! 4 Webinars from Blended Schools Network (10 […]

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Ed Tech Thought Leader Interview: Innovative CIO Phil Komarny (Part 1 of 2)

January 26, 2014

CIO Phil Komarny has spent many years at the intersection of education and technology. Here, in the first of a new series of education technology thought leadership interviews, Komarny shares his thoroughly informed perspective on mobile learning, iPads in higher education, social media’s role in learning, and more. As a prominent higher education CIO, Phil […]

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The Answer Pad – Enhancing Student Engagement in a BYOD or 1 to 1 Environment

January 23, 2014

A device-independent enhanced Student Response System that goes hand-in-hand with 1 to 1 programs and BYOD. How cool is that? There are different ways in which BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can enhance student learning. It improves the levels of student engagement in a learning environment and also makes the process of learning more interactive. […]

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