Future of Education Technology

How to Protect Students While Integrating Social Media in Classroom Instruction and Assignments

February 20, 2014

Key Considerations When Introducing Social Media Applications, to Help Ensure Student Privacy and Safety Technology continues to roll onward at its customary pace, presenting exciting advances in education, as in many other fields. Teachers are incorporating technology at an increasing pace in 2014, utilizing cutting-edge teaching aids in their classrooms – and beyond. In this […]

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Create Rich Digital Learning Content in Minutes With Blendspace

February 18, 2014

This Quick and Easy Free Web App is Great for Creating Flipped and Blended Learning Materials In the current Online Flipped Classroom Workshop that we’re just wrapping up, one of the participants recommended Blendspace, so I gave it a look. Wow! Here’s yet another powerful tool that lets teachers bring together different types of content […]

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Interview with Education Technology Thought Leader Terry Heick of TeachThought

February 16, 2014

Teacher, visionary, innovator, dreamer – Terry Heick shares the vision behind TeachThought and explores ideas that will push education forward. Terry Heick is the founder of Teachthought.com and a self-described “education dreamer”. Since leaving the teaching profession to focus on evolving the TeachThought website and brand, Heick has balanced efforts between “utopic opining” (as he […]

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New Generation of Apps Make Reading Assignments More Productive and Enjoyable for Students and Teachers

February 6, 2014

These Reading Apps for Smartphones and Tablets are Ushering in big Changes in how we Read. The modern reading landscape stretches beyond the limits of an actual book made of paper. We’re surrounded by technological advances that can change the way reading occurs in our daily lives. Online reading, virtual classrooms, apps to keep us […]

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Interview with Innovative Higher Ed CIO and Thought Leader Phil Komarny (Part 2 of 2)

January 28, 2014

Seton Hill University CIO Phil Komarny: Powerful Ideas for Professional Development, Innovative Service, the Most Effective Uses of Digital Technologies in Education, and more. On Sunday we shared Part 1 of this interview with CIO Phil Komarny, learning about his formula for Mobile Strategy success, enhancements in the iPad program at the forward-thinking university, the […]

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The Answer Pad – Enhancing Student Engagement in a BYOD or 1 to 1 Environment

January 23, 2014

A device-independent enhanced Student Response System that goes hand-in-hand with 1 to 1 programs and BYOD. How cool is that? There are different ways in which BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can enhance student learning. It improves the levels of student engagement in a learning environment and also makes the process of learning more interactive. […]

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Collaborative Learning on Touchtables: Engaging Students with Group Work

January 21, 2014

These “Interactive Table Tops” Can be a Powerful Tool for Teaching, Learning, and Collaborating Multitouch tables, also known as “touchtables” or “interactive tabletops”, have been around for a while as a tool for collaborative applications in education, even before the current craze for tablets began storming schools and training centers worldwide. The idea of direct […]

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Massive Open Online Research: The MOOC Evolves into the MOOR

January 8, 2014

By Adding a Strong Research Element, MOOCs can Deliver Greater Learning Value to the Students who Participate in Them. Anyone who follows education technology has probably heard plenty about the MOOC — a massive open online course often hosted by a well known university that is available to anyone with an Internet connection, usually at […]

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8 Exciting Technology-Enhanced Teaching and Learning Approaches That Teachers are Embracing in 2014

January 5, 2014

The Future of Technology Integration in Instruction Lies in Engaging and Empowering Teaching Methods Like These. As we head into this new year I’m excited about the many instructional means and methods that educators are using technology to facilitate in 2014′s classrooms (both physical and virtual!). As the 2nd decade of the 21st century rolls […]

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Emerging Education Technology’s Greatest Hits of 2013 – Marking a Year of Transition

January 2, 2014

2013 saw Many Educators Move From Asking “Why Should I use Tech in the Classroom?” to “How can I use Technology Tools to Help my Students Learn?” It was my impression that 2013 bought a marked decrease in teachers questioning whether or not to integrate tech in their teaching and an increase in those who […]

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