Future of Education Technology

Augmented Reality – The Coolest Instructional Technology You’ve Never Heard of?

April 15, 2014

AR Tools are Being Used Today by Creative Educators in Fun, Innovative Ways, but few Know About it (yet). Educators are always looking for new ways to enhance learning and expand the horizons of students in an engaging and interactive way. Gone are the days when class plans were based around exercises from a text […]

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It’s 2014 – Can You Text Your Students (Without Your Phone)?

April 13, 2014

Teachers and Administrators Should be Able to Communicate with Students Using Text Messaging (but NOT With Their own Phones). Not too long ago, a teacher said to me, “Why can’t we text our students? That’s how they communicate”. That stuck with me. Texting turned 20 years old in 2012 (wow!). According to ChaCha, way back […]

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Bringing Together Learning Science and Technology to Envision “Education 3.0”

March 30, 2014

Sharing Reflections and Fun Takeaways from Dr. Jeff Borden’s Inspiring Keynote Presentation at NERCOMP 2014. Have you ever stumbled across an insight into how people learn that makes you stop and think, “Why don’t educators incorporate that into how we teach”? When educators come across unexpected information about how the learning mind, these revelations typically […]

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Competency Based Education (the Next Game Changer) – Can it Succeed on a Large Scale? (Part 2 of 2)

March 18, 2014

Competency, Proficiency, Mastery … by any Name These Programs Offer Exciting Potential for Education. In Sunday’s article, we briefly considered the exciting potential of Competency Based Education and considered some of the hurdles and barriers it must overcome to evolve into a larger scale success. Today we take a look at a couple of early […]

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Is Competency Based Education the Next Game Changer on the Horizon? Can it Succeed?

March 16, 2014

This Innovate Model has Exciting Potential and is Gaining Momentum, but it Requires Embracing Change in Order to Succeed Many educators (myself included) are exciting about the possibilities that Competency Based Education has to offer. The idea of providing a more flexible approach to learning and degree attainment, when carefully implemented, is probably the most promising […]

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3D Printing – Coming to a Classroom Near you (Sooner Than you Think)!

March 13, 2014

3D Printing is less Costly and More Readily Available Then Most People Realize. Did you know that you can buy a 3D printer from Amazon.com for $1200 and start creating thousands of different items in your home or classroom today. Seriously – here’s a link to the FlashBorge 3D Printer on Amazon ($US 1,199.00 as […]

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Find and Review Curated Data for Education Technology Products in Minutes with the EdSurge Index

March 11, 2014

This (Free) Education Technology Product Index Offers Structured Reviews of Products as Well as Events, Grants, Jobs, and More. I love this idea. EdSurge reviews, databases, and categorizes education technology products (some free, some paid). When a consistent approach is used to do this, just imagine how useful can be! Heard about a new product […]

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Vocabulary Learning Goes Mobile with Teacher Recommended Smartphone Apps

March 4, 2014

Teaching and Learning can be More Productive With the Aid of Today’s Smartphone Empowered Education Applications. Vocabulary building is perhaps the single-most essential aspect of language learning. Conventional ways of language teaching and learning have usually relied on classroom teaching and textbook lessons. Video coaching and e-learning were later thrown into the mix. Education websites […]

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Can the Inspiration for Learning be Captured and Empowered Through Technology?

March 2, 2014

Great Teachers Inspire Learning, but so do Ideas. How Can we Better Leverage Technology to Facilitate That? Encouraged by Audrey Watter’s recent post, The History of the Future of Ed-Tech, I just started reading Seymour Papert’s groundbreaking book Mindstorms. As I read about how Papert was inspired by gears at a very young age, I […]

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How to Protect Students While Integrating Social Media in Classroom Instruction and Assignments

February 20, 2014

Key Considerations When Introducing Social Media Applications, to Help Ensure Student Privacy and Safety Technology continues to roll onward at its customary pace, presenting exciting advances in education, as in many other fields. Teachers are incorporating technology at an increasing pace in 2014, utilizing cutting-edge teaching aids in their classrooms – and beyond. In this […]

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