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Free Tools & Resources

Teach Your Students New Languages With These 5 New Apps  

April 25, 2016

Learning a new Language Doesn’t Have to be a Challenge with These Apps Language learning is a process that can stymie even the most dedicated student, but that doesn’t have to be the case. There are many applications that make this frustrating process a lot easier for students of all ages and skill levels. These […]

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Unlocking Financial Literacy Awareness With Free Finance & Accounting Tool and Lessons

April 13, 2016

(Image Source) Shouldn’t Every Month be Financial Literacy Awareness Month? April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month. I feel strongly that this should be an essential topic in all High Schools and Colleges. Students need to know how to manage money, it’s vital. This post offers tools and lessons to help teachers incorporate financial literacy into an […]

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AppEd Review Adds Rubric-Assessed WEB APPS for Teaching and Learning

April 7, 2016

Many of Today’s Web Apps Work Fine for Tablet Users, so Why Not Review Them Too? With this edition of the Roundup, we are announcing that App Ed Review has started reviewing websites! We expanded our focus to include websites because tablets of most all varieties can access websites, and they can be used in […]

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It’s a Scan, Click, Explore World: 5 Great Tools With Customizable Feeds

April 6, 2016

(Example of Hootsuite Content Aggregator Content) Get Your Learn on in Just Minutes a Day! One of the wonders of the web-enabled world we live in is the ease with which we can get customized ‘news’ feeds. There are so many tools available that will let you define the specific sources, words or phrases, hashtags, etc., […]

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Getting to Know Knovation – Curated, Contextualized, Managed OER for K-12

March 31, 2016

Knovation Makes Open Educational Resources More Manageable and More Efficient Many schools are looking to lower costs by transitioning away from text books to Open Education Resources. EmergingEdTech applauds this effort! This is particularly important in higher education, where text books costs are almost always student’s responsibility, and many text books cost hundreds of dollars. […]

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Hundreds of Learning Strategies Developed by Learning Specialists, Free from Mindprint Learning

March 30, 2016

Cognitive Assessment Specialist Offer a Rich set of Free Resources There is now an entirely FREE version of Mindprint available.  Seriously, no catch so please share with potentially interested colleagues and parents. What it is: 1) 300+ research-backed instructional and homework strategies written by our child psychologists and learning specialists 2) 1500+ reviews of third party educational […]

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Remote Desktop Connection – Access Your Desktop from Other Computers at Your School

March 24, 2016

Access Your Computer from Other Computers? Once it’s set up, it’s a Breeze! Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection tool is a powerful, simple application that can make your life much easier if you have to work, or teach, on a computer that isn’t yours. A classic case is the higher ed professor, where you may go […]

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Technology Resources to Help Foster a Growth Mindset in Your Teachers and Students

March 17, 2016

“Growth Mindset” is Much More Than Just Another Buzz Word Your may have noticed the growing focus (pun intended!) on the power of the “growth mindset” in education in the last few years. Some have worked to debunk it, but a balanced perspective tells us that this is not to be ignored. Students tend to do […]

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Get Down and Dirty with These Immersive Apps for Science Class

March 10, 2016

Chemistry, Biology, Geography, and More Will Come to Life With These Exciting, Highly Rated Apps! Hands-on experiences are second to none for learning, so this month’s Roundup is dedicated to hands-on science apps. Whether the app is designed to shrink students down to the size of a cell so they can tour its different parts, […]

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5 Steps to Get Started With Google Cardboard VR Viewer in Your Classroom

March 8, 2016

At About $15 per ‘headset’, Google Cardboard Provides an Inexpensive Intro to Virtual Reality, Bringing Learning to Life in Your Classroom Two related technologies that are really starting to gain momentum and show the promise of fun, engaged learning experiences are Augmented and Virtual Reality. There are more exciting education-oriented Augmented Reality apps available for free […]

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