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5 Ways Yammer is Improving Communication, Connections, and Learning in our Schools

April 22, 2014

Social Networking Tools can Facilitate Excellent Communication and Build Connections and Community When They are Limited to the Community They’re Intended For! Teachers across the world are increasingly embracing the potential of digital tools to make learning content more accessible and engaging for students. There are many powerful, fun, free tools that can be used […]

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The APP ED REVIEW Roundup for April – 4 Highly Rated iPad Apps for the Science Classroom

April 3, 2014

Please welcome App Ed Review to EmergingEdTech, with a new Monthly Series of themed App Roundups! Have you ever wished you could find a source of app reviews specific to education, reviewed in a consistent, highly informative manner. Well now you can! This is the first in a series of monthly posts by App Ed […]

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3 Innovative Applications to Introduce the Power of Learning Coding to Young Students

April 1, 2014

Learning how to Program With Fun Tools Like These can Encourage Students to Take Control of Their Own Learning. Technology education for young students must constantly evolve to keep pace with the ever changing nature of the subject. Some basic computing skills are now standard curricula for elementary students in classrooms around the world. However, […]

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5 Tech Savvy Teaching Tools That Your Students Will Love and Your Peers Will Envy

March 23, 2014

These Fun, Free Web Applications Make it Quick and Easy to Create Cool Learning Content (Watch out Though, Other Teachers Will be Banging Down Your Door Looking for Tips). Do you know a teacher who just always seems to know about the latest technology, and makes it look so easy to produce cool content that […]

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Find and Review Curated Data for Education Technology Products in Minutes with the EdSurge Index

March 11, 2014

This (Free) Education Technology Product Index Offers Structured Reviews of Products as Well as Events, Grants, Jobs, and More. I love this idea. EdSurge reviews, databases, and categorizes education technology products (some free, some paid). When a consistent approach is used to do this, just imagine how useful can be! Heard about a new product […]

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Vocabulary Learning Goes Mobile with Teacher Recommended Smartphone Apps

March 4, 2014

Teaching and Learning can be More Productive With the Aid of Today’s Smartphone Empowered Education Applications. Vocabulary building is perhaps the single-most essential aspect of language learning. Conventional ways of language teaching and learning have usually relied on classroom teaching and textbook lessons. Video coaching and e-learning were later thrown into the mix. Education websites […]

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4 Steps for Getting Started with Student Digital Portfolios

February 25, 2014

Not sure how to get started with ePortfolios for your students? Here’s what you need to know. Even before the concept of student portfolios was formalized, teachers collected and shared student work. They used writing folders during conferences or displayed science projects for open house. As the digital era has taken hold, portfolios have become […]

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How to Protect Students While Integrating Social Media in Classroom Instruction and Assignments

February 20, 2014

Key Considerations When Introducing Social Media Applications, to Help Ensure Student Privacy and Safety Technology continues to roll onward at its customary pace, presenting exciting advances in education, as in many other fields. Teachers are incorporating technology at an increasing pace in 2014, utilizing cutting-edge teaching aids in their classrooms – and beyond. In this […]

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Create Rich Digital Learning Content in Minutes With Blendspace

February 18, 2014

This Quick and Easy Free Web App is Great for Creating Flipped and Blended Learning Materials In the current Online Flipped Classroom Workshop that we’re just wrapping up, one of the participants recommended Blendspace, so I gave it a look. Wow! Here’s yet another powerful tool that lets teachers bring together different types of content […]

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Can’t Keep Up with Professional Development? Build Your Personal Learning Network (it’s Never Been Easier)!

February 11, 2014

Today’s Savvy Teachers are Putting the “Learn” in Personal Learning Networks. It should be clear to any educator, or any career-minded individual in any field for that matter, that professional development is invaluable to job advancement. Whether you’re looking to sharpen and deepen the skill set needed for your existing position, or expand your professional […]

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