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Electronic Portfolios

Authentic Assessment, Deeper Learning: ePortfolios in Higher Education

April 5, 2016

Catching up on the ePortfolio – Resources That Explore Their Value, & a Brief Look at Some of Today’s Solutions Imagine a higher education environment in which the vast majority of courses require students to learn course objectives by participating in assignments and projects that allow them to be creative, solve problems, and apply the skills […]

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SeeSaw – Easily Capture K-12 Student Learning in any Form

September 23, 2015

“My students are so excited to upload their work to their portfolio and receive comments and feedback from their peers, parents, and teacher all within a safe environment.” Tama Trotti will be presenting the session “SeeSaw – A Digital Portfolio Management System” at the 2015 Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference this November. Come […]

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How Blogging is Being Used in the Classroom Today: Research Results

September 8, 2015

Blogs Seeing More Academic Use as ePortfolio Platform, and for Collaboration, Discussion, & Resource Sharing In 2013, reported that 74 percent of teachers agree that technology in the classroom helps motivate students to learn and allows teachers to reinforce learning concepts. Furthermore, 68 percent expressed an interest in having more technology in the classroom. […]

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4 Steps for Getting Started with Student Digital Portfolios

February 25, 2014

Not sure how to get started with ePortfolios for your students? Here’s what you need to know. Even before the concept of student portfolios was formalized, teachers collected and shared student work. They used writing folders during conferences or displayed science projects for open house. As the digital era has taken hold, portfolios have become […]

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Are ePortfolios Still Relevant for Today’s Students?

March 24, 2013

Electronic Portfolios are no longer just a good idea, that are an expectation and a powerful element of college and career readiness for many. Just a few years ago ePortfolios were all the rage with schools and employers. You couldn’t open an education or employment blog without reading tips for creating the best online ePortfolio […]

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6 Examples of Teachers Using the THREE RING Portfolio System for Authentic Assessment

August 12, 2012

These stories demonstrate Three Ring’s potential as both an instructional application and an assessment tool. “Chief Education Officer” Steve Silvius reached out to introduce EmergingEdTech readers to Three Ring, a free application that allows teachers to quickly and easily create digital portfolios of student work, using a wide variety of devices for input. Knowing that […]

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5 Tips for Advancing Any Career Using Technology Tools

December 22, 2010

Guest writer Mike Patterson suggests 5 ways that students and professionals can utilize Internet based applications to advance their professional prospects. The 21st century has brought about a revolution in the way we obtain educational information, gain career exposure, and market ourselves for the jobs that we desire. Whether pursuing continued education or simply looking to advance in […]

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E-Portfolios are the cover story for Campus Technology for November

November 4, 2009

This powerful enabler of career success is the topic-du-jour for this leading Ed Tech organization too. I was delighted to discover that Electronic Portfolios are the cover story in this month’s issue of Campus Technology magazine. I did a three part series on this topic here in October, so it was real exciting to see this topic as a focal point for this influential, respected leader […]

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5 top-rated low cost web hosting sites (for web programmer e-portfolios)

October 25, 2009

The final post in a series that examines tools for students to create and host e-portfolios for little or no cost. Over the last two weeks, I researched free options for creating and hosting e-portfolios for college students, to help with job search efforts. I settled on Google Sites as a great option for laying out a site to display text, […]

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Using Google Sites to create e-portfolios for students

October 18, 2009

Giving Google Sites a Go for E-porfolio Creation and Hosting
Following up on last week’s initial investigation into a free tool for students to create and host an electronic portfolio of representational work, this week I am trying out Google Sites as a solution for students. Google Sites provides a free application for creating your own web site. Let’s see how effective it is for hosting an e-portfolio.

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