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8 Highly Recommended iPad Apps for Homeschoolers

August 26, 2012

A selection of apps covering a range of grade levels and academic subjects, great for home schoolers. Guest post by Chris Martin. Homeschooling your children requires discipline, hard work, and patience – and a whole lot of time and effort. Thankfully, technology has made this undertaking a bit easier for parents. Personal digital devices like […]

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Tailoring the Classroom of the Future With the Fabric of the Past

August 19, 2012

“The world’s most ambitious mobile learning company” is introducing engaging learning apps based on sound pedagogy. Guest post from Matt Meyers. As someone whose job it is to reinvent the way we use technology in our classroom, a lot of people ask me some interesting questions. One of my favorites is, “how do you keep […]

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‘Accelerate’ your Flipped Classroom with the Standard Deviants

August 1, 2012

Learning resources like Accelerate can be a great supplement to online lectures and other approaches to ‘the flip’, saving content creation time while delivering engaging videos and good assessment tools. Guest post from Caitlin O’Connor. The “Standard Deviants” have been around for over twenty years, creating educational videos renowned for their quirky and humorous approach […]

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TechChange – Enabling Social Change With Innovate Uses of Education Technology

July 29, 2012

TechChange is the “The Institute for Technology and Social Change”, and they are at the forefront of combining technology and education to facilitate social change across the globe. has been successfully leveraging technology in educational applications to help groups of people throughout the world bring about social change where it is needed. TechChange President […]

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Simbound – a digital marketing simulation that’s a great interactive for marketing courses

July 25, 2012

I couldn’t resist sharing this fun sounding interactive game for marketing students. Guest post by Louis Havriliuc. Have you ever wished you could give your students the chance to practice different e-marketing skills and techniques? It would be nice to offer them the opportunity to work on real company accounts and face real situations but […]

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4 Ways to use Online Resources to Keep Advanced Students Engaged and Learning

July 11, 2012

Today’s technologies offer many resources to keep active young minds busy and learning! Post collaboratively written with Abbas Hussain. Just yesterday morning, there was an article in USA Today discussing how many of today’s students don’t feel particularly challenged by their school work. In this technology-enabled age, it is easier than ever to give advanced students the […]

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5 of the Fastest Growing Mobile Applications for Education

July 4, 2012

Guest writer Kerry Butters combed the “Apps Charts” a couple weeks ago and submitted this post, providing 5 of the top movers. While this information changes quickly, effected by things like national standardized test calendars, I thought it was still worth sharing both for it’s insights into these popular iPad and iPhone applications, and for […]

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Pros and cons of digital devices in the hands of young students

June 20, 2012

Are the benefits outweighing the downsides of potentially excessive use of these devices by younger and younger children? I have three kids and they love their tech tools, but I worry about the possible effects of electromagnetic radiation, and about the way in which time spent with these devices takes away from time they could […]

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Introducing a Game-Based Curriculum in Higher Ed

June 17, 2012

Continuing from last week’s post about “The Gamification of Education”, this week we bring you a guest post from Justin Marquis, who examines the why’s and how’s of incorporating game based learning elements into the higher education curriculum. The gamification movement is in full-effect with its fair share of proponents and opponents. Those in favor […]

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