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Learning Management & Course Management Systems

4 Approaches to Making Sure You Can Always Access (and Never Lose) Your Lesson Plans and Notes

August 22, 2012

A variety of free tools that can help educators organize and deliver and access learning content, and help to make sure they never lose any of it! Guest post collaboratively written with Evan Fischer. Most teachers will agree that educating the leaders of tomorrow in today’s society is something of a labor of love. Although […]

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Implementing School Management Systems: Smaller Schools vs Larger Schools

August 3, 2011

Guest Post by Aris Samad – Co founder and CEO, Mr. Samad’s post provides a nice introduction to his company’s easy-to-get-started with tool that provides some course management functionality and some student information system functionality. If you like what you read, and you’re in the market for an easy, hosted tool like this, click on over to […]

Read the full article → is America’s Largest Provider of Online Education for Grades K to 12

June 1, 2011

Have you used the services of this growing international partnership-based online provider? I sat down last night to think about what my Wednesday post was going to be about. As soon as I sat down, a commercial came on TV for, a provider of “online public school” for grades K to 12. It wasn’t immediately clear what facts support the […]

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Education Technology Leadership Spotlight: Celebrating the Work of Salman Khan

May 22, 2011

Salman Khan is an inspiring education technology leader on a mission. If your interested in “ed tech”, you’ve probably already heard of him. I first wrote about Salman Khan work in this post in March of last year, and he has continued to experience growing success since, including a major nod from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Sal Khan is a pioneer […]

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EctoLearning is a Solid Contender for Best Free Online CMS

March 20, 2011

EctoLearning offers useful course management functionality for free (and it’s all free, no limitations). Last week I decided the next step in searching for the best free online Course Management Systems was to take a closer look EctoLearning and I’d already checked out Rcampus, MyiCourse, and SchoolRack, and while I found them each to be useful, I didn’t really […]

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Best free online Course Management Systems … the search continues

March 12, 2011

In this post we look at SchoolRack, then review results of our look at 4 different CMS apps, and decide what’s next. So far in this series, we’ve looked at Rcampus and MyiCourse, and now it’s time to move on to the other two candidates from our original selection of four online CMS/LMS apps that offer free functionality.  I tried to get […]

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Creating Simple Online Courses For Free With MyiCourse

February 27, 2011

Our quest for free web-based CMS and LMS tools continues with a trial run and overview of This is the third in a series of articles in which I look at online LMS/CMS applications that offer free capabilities. In my first post, I narrowed these down to four apps that seemed to have few limitations in their free or very low cost […]

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Free Hosted Course Management Systems, A Closer Look – Rcampus

February 20, 2011

Rcampus is a fully featured application that provides a lot of it’s capabilities for free, but you will need to pay for some “premium” functions. Last week I started researching free, hosted Course and Learning Management Systems, in search of those that provide relatively unlimited use for little or nominal cost. My focus was to find apps that could be […]

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What Are The Best Free Hosted Course Management Systems On The Internet?

February 13, 2011

“Round 1” in a look at the many free, richly featured CMS & LMS apps available in the cloud. What options exist for teachers who want to try using a Course Management System, but don’t have one available in their school? Fortunately, there are many free CMS/LMS tools available on the Internet. The heavy snows across the […]

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Exploring the World of Free Teaching Productivity Resources on the Web

November 28, 2010

There are so many free productivity tools available on the Internet for today’s educators. I’m creating a resource page that list many of the most useful ones, and I’d love to have your input! By “productivity” tools and resources, I am referring to tools that can help teachers get their jobs done more efficiently or effectively, at no cost (beyond the […]

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