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A Few Free Lesson Planning and Classroom Resources for Teachers

August 6, 2013

Creating Lesson Plans and Finding Related Resources has Never Been Easier, Thanks to Free Web Based Resources Like These. Today, there are many online resources for teachers to make lesson planning quicker, easier, and more productive. Unlike ten or twenty years ago, teachers no longer need to spend countless hours creating lesson plans ‘from scratch’ […]

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5 Ed Tech Resources I Used While Working in a Low-Income Class

July 23, 2013

These free apps can be a real boon to educators in cash-strapped school districts and low income areas. This past year I worked for a public school in New Orleans.  More than 80% of my students received free or reduced lunch and the school in general was under-resourced compared to the average U.S. public school […]

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Measured Results Demonstrate Enhanced Learning Outcomes in the Flipped Classroom

May 12, 2013

Teacher and Administrator James Szoka shares empirical evidence demonstrating improved learning outcomes in the flipped classroom. Flipped Learning Model Yields Higher Grades in High School Math Course While an administrator at a rural secondary school district in America, with the poverty level at about 65% free and reduced lunch (an indicator of the level of […]

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4 Exciting Automated Solutions for Student Retention and Persistence

January 27, 2013

These powerful applications provide institutions with additional tools to help their students stay on track and complete their diplomas and degrees. Student retention and persistence rates are of crucial importance to educational institutions. One look at retention rates proves why: the ACT Institutional Data File reports that in 2012, only 55.5 percent of students returned […]

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Learning About the Use of Media Servers in Education

January 20, 2013

What is a Media Server and how are schools using them? From time to time I come across the mention of “media servers” and find myself wanting to better understand this technology and how it being used in meeting the needs of educational institutions. This weekend I decided to do some investigating. Here I share […]

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Making BYOD Work in Schools – Three School Districts That Have Figured it Out

December 16, 2012

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) can Work Well When Approached Properly. Since I wrote the controversial post, “5 Reasons Why BYOD is a Bad Idea” over the summer, and received such strong push back the concerns I noted, I’ve been looking forward to learning about sharing ways in which schools have addressed some of these […]

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7 Key Findings for Successful Education Technology Integrations

November 28, 2012

Project Red Produced These Informative Findings and is Working to Transform Them ‘From Research to Results’. Continuing with the theme of measurable successes in education technology implementations that we’ve explored in a number of articles over the last few months, today we take a look at Project Red. Project RED conducted a national study of […]

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Longwood University Combines Gaming and MOOC Technology to Offer Free Career Readiness Education to High School Students Everywhere

November 18, 2012

Badgestack and Longwood U combine forces to offer students a head start on what they need to know to succeed in today’s work force. Can it get much more innovative and community-focused than this? Longwood University in Virginia has worked with one-of-a-kind learning platform creator BadgeStack to offer a MOOC designed to help High School […]

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ThinkWave – Bringing Key Elements of Administrative and Instructional Technologies Together to Facilitate Teaching

November 14, 2012

Combining elements of the SIS, the LMS/CMS, and a Portal, to create something uniquely powerful. Recently, ThinkWave co-founder John Poluektov reached out to me to introduce this application to me. On first glance, ThinkWave struck me as being purely an administrative technology, and not really an instructional one. John took the time to provide informative […]

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Can Social Media Play A Role in Improving Retention in Higher Education? Research Says it Can.

October 28, 2012

Studies have concluded that social engagement can benefit retention efforts, and schools and teachers are successfully pursuing this tactic with the help of social media applications. Earlier this year, a student working on her Doctorate in Education reached out to ask for insights into the question of how social media influences retention, which she was […]

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