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Administrative Solutions

5 Online Tools for Scheduling Appointments

February 14, 2017

All of Your Schedules can be Just a Click Away! Managing your time takes a lot of effort and discipline, and when it involves others, it gets even more complicated. From work to home and family life, it can feel a constant juggle figuring out how we ask for other people’s time and fit it […]

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How to Find the Parent-Teacher Communication App Your Classroom Needs

January 10, 2017

Jessica Meacham built a robust worksheet and did a lot of research to find the parent-teacher app that best fit her requirements.  Teacher Gets Serious About Comparing Apps to Find the Right one for her Classroom Needs As a trailblazer in classroom technology, it seems like I’ve tried every form of communication out there: printed […]

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10 Fresh Administrative Tools to Help Principals Lead the Way

December 19, 2016

Tools to Help Empower Top-Down Leadership Principals are not only managers but leaders who change their schools and guide them to better teaching and learning. Our responsibilities as leaders have many critical ones, including managing people, processes, and data, creating a suitable environment for teaching and shaping a vision of academic success for all students. […]

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Slack: A Powerful, Private (Free) Team Tool That Educators are Adopting

November 16, 2016

Powerful Communication and Collaboration Features, Privacy, Device Independence, and Other Features are Bringing Slack Into the Classroom A few months ago I was introduced to Slack through my role as Community Administrator for the Flipped Learning Network. We started using the platform as a communication, content sharing, and engagement resource for the flipped learning community. At […]

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Tech Tools: Decoding the Lack of Parent Engagement with FreshGrade

September 29, 2016

Achieving Better Communication and Collaboration in Class and at Home Technological innovation, as applied to the creation of lucrative new business models and even the birth of entire industries, has delivered countless products and services that continue to solve consumer challenges. But when you examine the realm of education, it becomes clear that the fast-paced […]

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IO Education: Consolidating Student Data to Drive and Empower Student Success

September 14, 2016

Company is Helping Over 5,000 Schools Improve Outcomes by Making Better use of Five Million Student Records. Here’s How. EmergingEdTech recently spoke with IO Education’s CEO, Michael Williamson, about the worthwhile work they are doing to help schools and teachers improve student outcomes. IO Education helps schools reel in and better leverage the disparate data […]

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Moving to a Best Practice Digital Instruction Model (& the Solution we Chose)

June 13, 2016

District’s Professional Learning Community Chooses the itslearning Platform to Gain Efficiencies, Consistency School districts around the nation are being asked to do more with less these days. Though school budgets are tighter than ever and human resources are sparse, we’re required to continually improve student performance, follow dozens of different standards, and support a more […]

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The Arms Race of Technology Integration – Teching Out for the Wrong Reasons

May 31, 2016

Too often technology adoption becomes a game of keeping up with the Joneses. Consider this. The edtech-loving, conference-attending English teacher at your school is on the cutting edge of learning technology. You find yourself folding in new platforms and digital communication tools to your lesson plan to keep pace with the English class, trying to […]

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Getting to Know Knovation – Curated, Contextualized, Managed OER for K-12

March 31, 2016

Knovation Makes Open Educational Resources More Manageable and More Efficient Many schools are looking to lower costs by transitioning away from text books to Open Education Resources. EmergingEdTech applauds this effort! This is particularly important in higher education, where text books costs are almost always student’s responsibility, and many text books cost hundreds of dollars. […]

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Back To The Basics: 6 Strategies For Online Program Success

February 25, 2016

While this a bit of a change from the usual tools and techniques we often share here, online education is such a prominent and long established use of technology for instructional purposes, it deserves more coverage. With the various hats I wear in my role at The College of Westchester, helping to navigate today’s quickly changing […]

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