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Academics and Digital Technology Tweet Wrap, w/e 03-10-18


Inspiring, informative, useful, or just plain fun tweets posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers.

EmergingEdTech Teaching Technology Tweet Wrap

This week in the wrap … a number of pieces about the challenges education is facing: are our kids being ‘dumbed down' by our schools (NASA says ‘yes'), dark stories about where higher ed is heading, how we're often doing homework wrong, and the misguided focus on measuring learning outcomes. On the more positive side, explore gamification in action, discover the FIZZ method – a simple approach to creating flipped learning videos, help students reflect on learning experiences with “reflection cards”, and more!

Educators Identify ‘Good Guys/Bad Guys’ in How Schools Use Ed Tech

Game Based Learning In Action

Five quick dark stories about the future of education – is #highered changing faster than we realize?

Students Need to Solve Real Problems: Combining Problem-Based Learning and Project-Based Learning

We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us down, according to NASA scientists

12 Ways to Create Flipped Learning Content – No. 4: The FIZZ Method (from @pocketlodge)

Yes, Yes, Absolutely! This is one of the reasons why I teach! “The Benefits of Deep Academic Experience for CIOs”

NEW – Reflecting on Maker Experiences with Reflection Cards

Homework – We're Doing it Wrong

The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes’ (article surfaces lack of focus on larger, underlying issues)

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