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EdTech Tweet Wrap for the Week Ending 12/24/16 (Happy Holidays Everyone!)


Inspiring, informative, useful, or just plain fun tweets posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers.

EmergingEdTech Teaching Technology Tweet Wrap

Well, I'm exhausted from days of prep to host my wife's family on Christmas Day. We had dozens of loved ones together in our home, shared a delicious feast, and a enjoyed lot of laughter and fun (plus an achy back and a few stressful moments, to round it all out!). I hope everyone is getting a little extra time off and sharing some special occasions with family and friends, celebrating the season in whatever way is appropriate.

This week's wrap is a bit shorter than usual, as things slowed down with the holiday approaching, but we still have a nice selection of culled content to peruse. As a musician myself, and an information technology professional, I get a big kick out of efforts like those in our first piece below about TuneTable, a device that helps kids explore coding through music. The piece after that is an inspiring and touching post by Jon Bergmann, in which he reminds us about the ways we can touch students' (and our own kids') lives by sharing our observations about their unique talents and encouraging them to recognize and make the most of their abilities and potential. 

I find myself increasingly focused on raising people's awareness of the privacy implications we have barely begun to wrestle with as data and access explode exponentially via devices like the Amazon Echo and the Internet of Things (see the “… eyebrow-raising things Google knows …” piece, and realize Apple is collecting data like this via iOS devices too). I'll be writing more about that as we head into 2017. This ties into the AI piece too – Artificial Intelligence is poised to start becoming an unprecedented part of our lives.

Bringing it back to the ultimate focus for EmergingEdTech: you and your students, we end on a nice piece about giving students an authentic voice, which is surely one of the most empowering uses of technology we are seeing in our classrooms and teaching practices.

Enjoy what remains of 2016 everyone, 2017 approaches quickly!   

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