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Teaching and #EdTech Tweet Wrap for Week Ending 02-13-16

by Kelly Walsh on February 14, 2016


Inspiring, informative, useful, or just plain fun tweets posted on Twitter over this past week … collected here to share with our blog readers.

EmergingEdTech Teaching Technology Tweet Wrap

Another jam-packed Tweet Wrap this week! Check out the Big Picture learning model where students create their own curriculum, explore a better approach to web based texts, get featured in an article about Virtual Labs in a major publication, learn how students build a sense of community in an online course, discover how students can learn skills twice as fast and strategies to help learning “stick”, learn about a straightforward way to create flipped learning content with a SMART Board, check out the 3D Smart Doodler, and so much more!

How about a Minecraft for Education Mentor?

Track Who Has Completed Your Form +More in Latest Version of Google Forms

This is awesome! When Students Create their own Curriculum: The Big Picture Learning Model

Game-Based Learning and Nontraditional Students – A Report

Check out “The Open Syllabus Project” – massive archive of Syllabi

Ed Dept auditing Western Gov U over the faculty role in competency-based programs

ClipChoose – create a poll, let students compare/contrast 2 or more vids

Tech Ed Getting Short Shrift in President’s Proposed Budget

Web based texts created as digital from the ground up “to make content come alive”

@GirlsWhoCode taught 10,000 young women how to code in 2015

4 Things Innovative Schools Have In Common

Writing Article About Virtual Labs for Major Pub. Want to be Featured?

Teachers abandon independent teaching, move to more engaging, cross-discipline team approach

Here Is A Great Tool for Creating Educational Video Games to Use in Class

Check These Great Cartoons for the Classroom!

Understanding Dyslexia: 5 Ways to End the Homework Struggle

Introduce Yourself: Student Videos Build Community

When the World Is Wired: The Magic of the Internet of Everything

Can I use a SMART Board to create flipped video lessons? YES you can!

Christi Collins has a great channel of interactive ThingLinks focused on E-Learning

3Doodler Start makes 3D drawing kid’s play

Interesting! Univ sets up own App Store w/”pre-approved digital learning products”

Innovator’s Mindset: Teaching Students to be Problem Finders

Scientists have found a way to help you learn new skills twice as fast

92 Percent of Students Prefer Paper Books Over E-Books: Survey

Prepping for new ed tech? First, examine existing infrastructure

Science of Learning 101: Two More Instructional Strategies That Promote “Sticking


Kelly Walsh is Chief Information Officer at The College of Westchester, in White Plains, NY, where he also teaches. In 2009, Walsh founded He frequently delivers presentations and training on a variety of related topics at schools and conferences across the U.S. His eBook, the Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book is available here. Walsh became the Community Administrator for the Flipped Learning Network in June of 2016. In his "spare time" he also writes, records, and performs original music ... stop by and have a listen!

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own, or those of other writers, and not those of my employer. - K. Walsh]

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