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Online Survival Tools for PhD Thesis Writing



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Tools to Lend a Helping Hand to the Doctoral Thesis Writer

The thesis writing process for PhD candidates is long, stressful and overflowing with information. It can be difficult for even the most intelligent or organized writer to keep it all together, and achieve success or praise. Everyone seeks outside assistance, and every writer can benefit from what technology now provides.

There are various online tools that are easy to integrate and extremely useful. Review the following suggested tools to not only survive your thesis writing, but to thrive in the process.


  • Sricvener – This online software allows users to edit various documents at once, and to separate research into appropriate sections. This helps writers to better organize information on one screen, and to easily access necessary data to streamline the overall writing process.
  • Smartsheet – This Google app tool integrates with all Google docs and helps writers to better construct and organize their schedules and research. Users can access, edit and save files, while setting and scheduling daily goals.
  • Do – This productivity tool helps thesis writers plan tasks and to break them into applicable and appropriate daily, weekly and monthly deadlines. The platform is easy to navigate and offers collaboration features as well.
  • Teambox – This social media integration tool will allow writers to gain insight and guidance during the writing process. Users can receive relevant and important information in regards to their subject matter. And all chats and communication is private, it is not made public to online searches.
  • 5PM – The 5PM tool offers a free trial and a unique project management system. Writers can use the tool as a platform to build constructive and pertinent outlines and efficient deadline and note taking habits.
  • Nimble – Although this tool is marketed towards customer management, writers can use it to organize any thesis project. Instead of using the software’s “contact” features for customer information, writers can use them for research and outline data. The tool will effectively keep writers on track and always on task.


  • Google Scholar –Google’s Scholar feature is a comprehensive research tool for any thesis subject. It allows users to search essays in similar subjects, many of them offering free access. And writers can even use the citation feature to generate correct and references and bibliographies. (This article includes 10 more trusted search engines for scientific and academic research.)
  • Mendeley – This online tool gives thesis writers the ability to highlight any piece of writing that they are reading for their research. As well as access online files and make virtual “post it” notes on any pdf or image file, boosting the entire digital research process.
  • Essays Capital – This custom writing service offers research, outline and writing advice from individuals who hold either a PhD or MA degree themselves. Thesis writers should look to them for guidance during the research process and use their 24/7 online customer service and experience for convenient direction.

Protect Your Work With Backup Tools

  • AOMEI Backupper – This backup tool allows writers to save and encrypt all of their files, to assure they’re never lost throughout the process. Chances are good you will be working in various spaces while writing a thesis. Use AOMEI backup to protect your work along the way.
  • Redo Backup & Recovery – This tool allows writers to back up entire drives. Users can choose to download large file sizes, boot up tools or delete them and even undelete some previously trashed items.
  • Cobain – This backup tool gives writers the ability to compress files and schedule automatic backups. Cobain offers various customization features so each writer can create a saving method specific to their needs.

A writer’s PhD thesis can make or break their future. It’s an important and big challenge, and it requires more than one skill to succeed. Writers must present critical thinking and creativity skills, as well as an expert level of understanding.

Finding a balance is tough. So let technology be your partner during the process. Use the online tools listed above and start increasing your progress, productivity and inspiration today.



  1. Such amazing tools you people have listed here, I am not aware of these tools before. I am pursuing UG and we always have to prepare documents for our academic projects. Thanks for these wonderful tools..!

  2. Such amazing tools you people have listed here, I am not aware of these tools before. I am pursuing UG and we always have to prepare documents for our academic projects. Thanks for these wonderful tools..!


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