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More Great Video Sessions from the Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference

by Kelly Walsh on November 24, 2013


Last week’s conference yielded a wealth of great video learning resources focused on using the iPad in the classroom

The students at Franklin Academy have worked hard this week getting these videos edited and posted. In last Sunday’s post I shared three of the first sessions posted. There are now almost 20 session videos available on the iPad Teacher Academy channel on YouTube, and there are still a few to more come. After reviewing survey feedback, I have selected a number of popular sessions to share here in today’s post.

Information is Free: Finding & Using Open Educational Resources for the iPad.

iTunesU is the worlds largest repository of Open Educational Resources (OERs) just waiting to be to be tapped into. The iPad connected to iTunesU gives teachers and students access to learn just about anything. Teacher Tony DiLaura shares the ever expanding world of OERs, Creative Commons licensing, and how to search and find the best free content on the web. Learn how to leverage the power of iTunesU to access supplemental content, build your own digital course, and transform into a global educator!

iPads in Elementary Education

Teacher Nicholas Combs discusses strategies and considerations for iPad integration at the Elementary Level. Participants will have the opportunity to review a variety of educational and techniques apps that enhance creativity, collaboration, student behavior, and various concepts across the K-5 curriculum. Combs provides many insights and tips to making an iPad program work in the Elementary Grades.

Methods for Sharing Content in the Lesson

The iPad offers many ways to display and share content with your students.  In this session, Franklin Academy Principal David Mahaley explores the best practices and apps for sharing content with students on the iPad. Learn how to efficiently take material already prepared for class and make it and interactive experience when presented using the iPad. Mahaley discusses the use of Apple TV, Air Server, and more of the mechanics of sharing content.

Teaching and Learning with the iPad Conference: Middle School Edition

This session from teacher Rob Caine focuses on using the iPads in a variety of practical and creative ways with middle school students. Explore how to introduce new concepts to your classroom with applications such as BrainPop, Factor Samurai ($0.99) and McTube Pro ($0.99), Khan Academy and demonstrate effective warm up activities using the Apple TV (Mathcabulary, IQ questions, Factor Samurai, Video-clips from McTube Pro). Find out how to encourage vigor and healthy competition in students by utilizing iPad stations (BYB Math, King of Math, Math QuizUp) and improve classroom management and individualize attention with applications (Pick me, Clock, Screen shot, Bamboo paper, Dropbox, Symbaloo).

Hopefully some of these video sessions address needs, questions, or curiosities you have had as you think about, or work through, iPad rollouts and implementations in your teaching and learning environment! Keep an eye out for a few more sessions still to be published. (And thanks again to all these great presenters and students for their good work and their time!).

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Kelly Walsh is Chief Information Officer at The College of Westchester, in White Plains, NY, where he also teaches. In 2009, Walsh founded He frequently delivers presentations and training on a variety of related topics at schools and conferences across the U.S. His eBook, the Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book is available here. Walsh became the Community Administrator for the Flipped Learning Network in June of 2016. In his "spare time" he also writes, records, and performs original music ... stop by and have a listen!

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own, or those of other writers, and not those of my employer. - K. Walsh]

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