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A unique classroom and teaching organizer app for the iPad (created with input from our readers!)

by Kelly Walsh on April 1, 2012


“iTeach Pad” is an easy to use organizer app for K – 12 teachers, developed with your feedback from dozens of EmergingEdTech readers.

This new application from Mobile Simplified is a straightforward collection of tools to help K to 12 teachers organize their schedules, lesson plans, to do lists, class & student lists, and more. Last November, this app’s developers sought input from readers here on EmergingEdTech and used the great feedback he received from them to enhance the application as it was in development (we also ran a naming contest, and the winners received free copies of the app).

iTeach Pad image and screen shots

This inexpensive app ($3.99) is unique – while there are a few others apps available today that can provide some of this functionality, what iTeach Pad delivers is a combination of tools that you won’t find in any of those other tools. iTeach Pad lets you set up and maintain the following classroom and teaching information:

  • Schedule: Create and maintain a weekly schedule of what you do on a predefined schedule in your classroom:iTeach Pad Scheduling module picture
  • Calendar: A great applet where you can store your events. Includes a pre-built events list that is customizable.
    iTeach Pad iPad app Calendar module image
  • Classes & Students: Store your classes and students. This is a good place to note that the app developer continues to seek feedback from users – for example, I have suggested that the classes listed here should be the same list of classes used in the Lesson Plans module, and this new feature is now under consideration for addition in a future update!
    iPad Student profile and class list module
  • Lesson Plans: Here you can organize your Lesson Plans with lots of fields to store important information: Class, Topics, Date, Objective, Materials, Standards, Assignments, Activities, and Feedback.iTeach app lesson screen
  • To Do Lists: This module provides a list management interface where you organize lists that you create into folders, for further organization. This lets you set up lists per class, year, function, etc. – whatever type of groups you might want to use.

You can find iTeach Pad at the (US) Apple Store here: (as with other iPad apps, this app is available in many countries but not all).

Mobile Simplified is always open to new ideas and feedback about iTeach Pad, so feel free to make suggestions if you’re using it and want to offer your thoughts on how to get the most out of this unique application created just for teachers (suggestions can be email by pressing the Contact Us button on the iTeach Pad page on

iPads in Education Implementations Apps and Insights eBook graphic

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Kelly Walsh is Chief Information Officer at The College of Westchester, in White Plains, NY, where he also teaches. In 2009, Walsh founded He frequently delivers presentations and training on a variety of related topics at schools and conferences across the U.S. His eBook, the Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book is available here. Walsh became the Community Administrator for the Flipped Learning Network in June of 2016. In his "spare time" he also writes, records, and performs original music ... stop by and have a listen!

[Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are my own, or those of other writers, and not those of my employer. - K. Walsh]

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{ 3 comments… read them below or add one }

K. Walsh April 14, 2013 at 1:26 pm

Hi Gianna – iPad Teach doesn’t let you store files yet, but updates do come out so maybe in a new version some day they will. I would imagine creating and storing links to web content might be a bit easier to add. The comments on the product on the iTunes store confirm that Mobile Simplified pays attention to feature enhancement requests.

giannina April 11, 2013 at 7:10 am

i just want to know if i can store materials and videos ,upload the whole unit.
thank you

Heather Dales April 2, 2012 at 7:26 pm

WOW! Great app! Thanks for sharing. I just purchased a mac book pro, I’ll have to download this app! Thanks

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