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15 online resources for help with English homework and class work

by Kelly Walsh on December 20, 2009


9 Paid Resources, and 6 Free Ones.

As promised in last week’s post, “15 online Math tutoring and help options“, this week I am following up with online resources for those seeking help with the subject of English.

Many of the paid options below were also included in last week’s post, since quite a few of them are not just specific to Math, but we have replaced a couple of these with new resources. The free options cited here are all new, and several are useful for more than just English. I’m sure you’ll find some helpful resources here.


  • The Online Writing Lab from Purdue: This site provides a wealth of materials in well organized format. The content appears geared towards Higher Ed and High School.
  • Ginger, “The Write Solution”: This helpful tool can be run on line to check spelling and grammar, or downloaded and used in conjunction with other applications. While it is not an instructional tool per se, it can certainly help students learn and correct spelling and some other language issues.
  • Fact Monster: This handy site also includes help in other subjects (including Math).
  • Guide To Grammer and Writing: This site provides a main page that is graceful in it’s simplicity, with information and resources grouped into 6 categories.
  • The Writing DenSee “Tips-O-Matic” for simple tips on Sentences, Paragraphs, and Essays. Site also smartly includes this guide for teachers about “Incorporating WritingDEN into your class curriculum”.
  • This site provides a lot of resources in the form of quizzes and tests – it may be just as (or more) useful for teachers as for students.



  • This site offers a variety of services, including one free lesson or proofreading if you sign up this month.
  • Global ScholarThis site offers online tutors in many subjects, 24×7. They have some free student resources as well.
  • These folks are well known – they’ve become quite popular because they work with many educational institutions as a supplemental support tool, but they also offer individual tutoring plans. Click here to learn more.
  • This site guarantees “to improve academic performance in less time and at a lower cost than any other program”.
  • This site offers a 2 week free trial. The testimonials sound quite genuine, and the free trial and professional site design impressed me.
  •’s English section: This site looks impressive and it provides paid tutoring in a wide variety of subjects. $20 for the firsty 30 minutes. Looks like it’s worth a closer look.
  • This site was the top pick from this Wall Street Journal online article about online homework help.
  • This interesting site offers help videos categorized by topic, at tiered prices (such as $1.99 for a day), as well as one on one tutoring (at $14 per half hour).
  • The link I’ve provided here goes directly to a page that explains how to submit a tutoring request to this site.


As I mentioned last week, I do not have  direct personal experience with the sites listed above. I selected only sites that appeared to be professional and legitimate (there were plenty of other sites that I discarded because they did not). Some of these sites are well known, and I am confident that all of them should provide functional services. Of course, if anyone has experienced otherwise, or wishes to add to the list, please comment and fill us in!

Click here for a copy of this file in PDF File format, for easy distribution of an uncluttered copy of the article, on paper or electronically!


Kelly Walsh is Chief Information Officer and a faculty member at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY and is the founder and author of As an education technology advocate, he frequently delivers presentations on a variety of related topics at schools and conferences across the U.S. Walsh is also an author, and online educator, periodically running Flipped Class Workshops online. His latest eBook, the Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book was published in September, 2013 and is available here. In his spare time Walsh also writes, records, and performs original (and cover) songs (look for "K. Walsh" on iTunes or or check out his original song videos on here on YouTube ).

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