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It’s Super Easy to Create These Simple ‘Bookmarks’ so Viewers Can Pop to Different Section of Your Video

After finishing and posting the first Flipped Educator Spotlight video, someone suggested that I add “bookmarks” to make it easy for viewers to consume the content, jumping to sections with topics they are interested in. Loved the idea, especially since the video is a bit long at about half an hour, but I had no idea how to do it.

I googled “creating bookmarks in youtube videos” and similar phrases, but really find what I was looking for (I later came up with the phrase “time tags” in my head, and found that searching on this finds useful resources). Anyway, I threw this idea out there while discussing new Spotlight videos with Kate Baker and Crystal Kirch, who will be fellow interviewers for this series, and Crystal explained that she thought you just put minute and second references (i.e. “1:34”) in the description text and these automatically become clickable links. She was absolutely right … it was just that easy (thanks Crystal)!

I explain and briefly illustrate this in this newest “3 Minute TOOL-torial”:

What a simple but excellent little technique. While we all know videos should be kept pretty short for flipped and blended learning, and this technique can still be useful with those, but if you do have to create a long video this is even more useful!

This is our 14th 3 Minute TOOL-torial. Check out all of our other TOOL-torials here!

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As the new Year, and a new President Here in the US, usher in a Season of Change, we ask … if it Were in Your Power, What Would you Change About School and Teaching?

On Friday, January 20th, we swore in a new President here in America, who happens to be one of the most controversial leaders we’ve elected in some time. It looks like President Trump is going to bring about a lot of change. I sure hope the good outweighs the bad. Only time will tell.

This development, and the start of a new year, certainly gets people thinking about change. And sometimes it’s a little scary, or unsettling at least. But let’s have some fun with it! Let us consider for a moment the thought that if you could simply wave the proverbial magic wand and bring about a change in your classroom, your school, your students, the education system, etc., what might that change be?

I recently wrote about some of the topics I am passionate about heading into this new year, and all of these are ultimately based in bringing about change … smarter homework, better security, more meaningful uses of technology in the classroom, embracing brain science in our approach to teaching, and so on. So how about you? What are the changes you want to see that will make your classroom or school more productive, help students embrace lifelong learning, encourage your colleagues to see things differently, or otherwise make the world of education a better place?

This is a chance to have your voice heard. I hope you will click here to comment and share your thoughts. :)


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